Internationally renowned psychic and clairvoyant with over 30 years of experience

Find out why people around the world are inspired by Tony's heart2heart daily words of inspiration.
His gift of poetry and messages of love are written from Tony's heart to yours.


Using a combination psychic and other modalities, Tony explores your life path and opens the door to a brighter future.


An in-depth session where Tony uses his psychic abilities to help you unlock the authentic you from the facade you show the rest of the world.


Do you want to find out if you and your partner are a good match? The Compatibility Analysis uses astrology and numerology to assess whether or not two people are fit for a lasting union.

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Soul Mates

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Tony Uberoi
About Tony

Tony Uberoi is an internationally renowned clairvoyant and psychic who has helped thousands of people around the world with his gift. For over 30 years Tony has worked professionally with clients and businesses in India, Africa, Middle East, England, Spain, United States and Canada.

Tony motivates his clients to make changes that allow them to evolve and realize their true potential through his unique sessions. Tony is compassionate and listens without judgement. He communicates with simplicity and clarity. Tony’s strong spiritual connection and personal life experiences allow him to relate to each individual client.

Tony is a graduate from the University of Bombay with a degree in Law, a degree in Commerce, and an MBA degree in Marketing. Tony worked in the family business for 25 years before dedicating himself full time to his life’s purpose. He has been a featured guest on Canadian television and radio. Tony now permanently resides in Toronto, Ontario.