We know the outer world of sensations and actions, but of our inner world of thoughts and feelings we know very little. . .  What prevents you from knowing is not the lack of opportunity, but the lack of ability to focus in your mind what you want to understand.

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Meaning of the Mandala

The mandala is a specially created geometric symbol. The mandala represents both the outside world in which we live as well as the world within us. For this reason, the symmetrical design of the mandala is intended to draw the eye toward its center core where we can reflect deeply on being a whole and complete person and an essential element of the universe.

Origin of the Mandala

Mandalas originated in India, but were mainly used in Tibetan Buddhism. This ancient art form was practiced by the Tibetan monks as far back as 2,500 years ago. In a ritual spanning 9 days of intensive concentration, the monks would create a mandala made of very fine colored sand. Each design, bearing intrinsic iconography, symbolized the deep spirituality within the universe. The mandala was created to enlighten the mind and facilitate the healing of the body, mind and spirit through meditation. After completion, the mandala was destroyed by the monks who created it. The destruction was a significant aspect of the ceremony because it signified the letting go of the imperfections of life that entrapped people.

Why Mandalas Work

For centuries, the mandala has always been regarded as a sacred device and conductor of positive cosmic energies. These are subtle positive energies, which strengthen our auras. In everyday life, mandalas help create the positive energies needed to help us through hardships, especially supporting us during unfavorable planetary positions or difficult times.

Used as a meditative object, the mandala aims to reinforce our awareness of that present moment in which we live. Too often, it is difficult for us to put things into perspective, to understand a situation fully, or even to understand ourselves. Keep in mind that in our day-to-day lives, we are constantly drifting from one thought to another often losing our focus. Using the mandala during meditation helps us to attain a deep level of concentration, enhances creative visualizations and achieves quicker and better results through the intensity of our meditation. The ability to fully focus our attention on a thought or circumstance, therefore, empties our mind of everything else. It is at this moment that we feel whole, living for that present moment, and connecting with our inner self.

Because mandalas have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body, they are used to help heal and empower us. Through the meditative process, mandalas help us to focus on a situation and activate our mind power, thereby initiating the healing process. They can help us to attain money, love, prosperity, harmony and greater success, whatever our aspiration may be.

Mandalas help us to review our lives, visualize our desires, and assess the necessary steps we need to take toward fulfilling our goals. Mandalas are about self-exploration, understanding and knowing our place in the universe and acting to attain positivity in our lives.

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