Phone Session (half hour) – $100
Personal Session (one hour) – $200

In the Intuitive Session, Tony explores your life path and opens the door to a brighter future. Tony’s sessions are a combination of many modalities. His sessions are accurate, insightful and inspirational. If you have been curious about getting a psychic reading, you won’t be disappointed with Tony’s concise session. Don’t allow the past to get in the way of achieving your dreams.


By Phone or In Person (2.5 hours) – $500

Your real personality may not be in harmony with the one you have created to fit life’s circumstances. In the in depth Emotional Makeover session, Tony will help you identify the difference between the authentic you and the facade you show the world. You’ve worn the mask so long that you have forgotten the real you. Discover how much is consciously blocked in you emotional memory. You will be amazed at how this has suppressed and hurt you. Tony guides you to vent and release “stuck” feelings to examine the precise origins of your unhappiness.

Tony’s innovative emotional makeover process utilizes numerous modalities. During a guided meditation uniquely created for your needs, you will re-connect with your true inner self. It will enable you to realize your true gifts and powers. The emotional makeover will equip you with the tools needed to transform your life and find inner peace.

All Emotional Makeovers include a customized written plan based on your session to document the steps to ultimately find your happiness. Tony will help you dismantle and reconstruct your emotional patterns so you can experience a renewed sense of energy, overcome emotional blocks, effectively control and master personal situations, and reach goals that were previously unattainable.


By Phone or In Person - half hour - $100

The Compatibility Analysis assesses whether or not a relationship is likely to be marriage material and whether or not two people are likely to be successful in forming a lasting union. Tony will assess whether or not a person and their partner are pre-disposed to have harmony in the relationship. He will also explore whether or not the person and their partner have elements that blend well or if there is potential conflict. Tony will give you tools to work through challenges that can take away strain and lead to a happy relationship.


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Vaastu Consultant – What is Vaastu? Read what Tony has to say on his blog.

We have all walked into a home or office and felt uncomfortable. The reasons for this can be caused by earth energy disturbances, spirits, property incompatibility and Geopathic Stress. Tony is a skilled energy worker who will rid your home or office of negative energy due to spirits, earth energy, death, divorce, bankruptcy or other problems that arise.

Reasons to book a Property Cleansing:

  • When moving or building a new home or business.
  • If your health is failing.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in your home or like someone is watching you.
  • You are planning to sell your home or business.
  • To release trapped spirits or unwanted energies.
  • After a divorce or separation.
  • If there is an unexplained illness.
  • After an illness or death has occurred.

Question or Follow Up

By phone or email - $25

This session is for clients who have had a reading and have a few questions or would like a brief follow up.

These services are for direction and guidance only, and clients must take responsibility for their own choices in life.