soul matesSoul mates are brought together for a reason. All their lives they have been preparing for each other. When they look back at different times in their lives they will see a new purpose to actions they have taken. Their lives take on a sense of oneness equalled by no other. Oneness of purpose, ambition, and love which can be a beacon to others along their spiritual paths.

– Edgar Cayce

The topic of soul mates has become an area of great interest and discussion among people. The word is very loosely used in everyday parlance to mean lover, sexual partner, husband, a person to whom there is a great attraction, or in some cases where people suffer from victim consciousness, to even believe that the purpose in this lifetime is to suffer a life sentence with a disagreeable spouse. All of these are, or could be connected, and are incomplete at the same time.

Soul mate is another soul with whom you have a soul connection. It is very important to take away any myth that a soul has preferences or wants of a certain nature. Instead, it is important to understand through the past life reincarnation theory that the soul is within the body of the person. As soon as a personality is given to the soul, it has preferences and desires.

Through the sum total of these desires, wants, preferences and needs, the person is born into a certain life, or as understood on the lighter vibrational essence, is on a particular wavelength. Other souls are also on this wavelength due to a similarity of thought, word, action, preferences, etc. On a particular vibrational wave band,we find souls who are grappling with similar problems and have identical wants, needs, preferences, thoughts, etc.

These souls have had connections into each other and need each other, work and help each other, or love each other (even hate!) There is an individual chord, which binds these souls together for a particular cosmic purpose. This binding together is the soul connection.

If life is to be viewed as one whole illusory game going on for eons, then souls are connected to each other and are playmates in this fabulous cosmic game of fun. The Hindu scriptures refer to them as leela.

In this play, drama, or game, there could be many acts, and since we are dealing with a continuous soap opera with each lifetime being viewed as an episode, we are bound to meet these soul mates on this playground of life. We learn, teach and grow with each other.

One does not have to be profoundly spiritually elevated to acknowledge that for this beautiful play, there is the undercurrent of the cosmic script written by destiny with its pen of finality; yet, each player has a certain amount of free will or maybe a great amount of free will, which we exercise to select our team in this interplay. We select lovers, family, members, coworkers and friends.

One also does not have to do too much research to acknowledge that the team that we select is from the vibrational wave band upon which we as souls reside; therefore we obviously recognize who these souls are.

Those with whom we have played in earlier acts or lifetimes, we recognize as a known connection. In an instant, we recognize that there is some unfinished business to be completed or that we have had some good done to us in a past life, which we are forced through choice or circumstance to replay.

I have purposely used replay in the earlier paragraph to bring the reader to a comfort zone of understanding; yet, enquire within the reader’s mind, “Why would a soul play with many multitude of dimensions be only categorized on a 2 dimensional plane in the inventory of good, bad, or debit, credit?”

Nor do I like to use the word replay where one soul has been wronged and is therefore in the garb of a person to seek revenge. Hollywood has done a good job, but spiritual enquiry goes deeper and subtler for the meaning of meeting repeatedly in subsequent lifetimes.

If I am to use the modern day phrase of to page or paging, then think that in meeting or selecting soul mates we repage in order to resume the same soul dialogue which we left off in a past life or play. However, look at the irony — we repage but do not recall (the past!)

Although the mind cannot register the past life, the soul does know the other souls with whom the contact is to be established in the present lifetime. We bump into thousands of people but out of nowhere, a face appears and some strange vibrational telepathic soul language tells both people-this is the one! This connection maybe for a co-worker, a boss, a friend, a lover, or a life partner.

Soul mates may have never met in earlier lifetimes. They may be souls who have met for the first time but feel that they are a perfect match or tuned perfectly for an understanding between each other. These could be best friends, partners who take up a project from living together or even to rob a bank! But the beautiful thing is that they are fine-tuned with each other.

When soul mates have been lovers in past lives, and are lovers again taking off from where they had left off in the previous life, the timing, understanding and match are perfect. They appear to be two incomplete halves that connect to make complete halves that connect to make a whole. This is the highest, purest form and most wonderful form of love. These lives are special, and to reach this state, who knows how many past lives have been spent together to get this perfect gift. It is the happiest, most sublime life on earth. These soul mates are special-they are twin souls.

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