“I reached out to Mr. Uberoi on September 7, 2015 at the Kitchener, Ontario Psychic Fair for a reading. I was astounded by the precision of information and the depth of the reading. I did not provide leading information and the effect of the reading lasted for many days following.  Afterwards and for the next several days, I procrastinated about calling to attend a personal “emotional makeover” session.

Finally, I made the call and on September 16, 2015 I had my “Emotional Makeover”. I cannot even begin to describe how profound the session was, how accurate the information given to me and my transformation in one session. It was like the weight of my past and everything holding back my potential was completely lifted from me. I looked in the mirror and I look at least 10 years younger. I feel different. I am different than when I started the session. I had no idea that carrying so much baggage was taking such a toll on my emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

I struggled on booking this session for myself but now have absolutely no regrets.  It is as important as taking my car to the shop when it needs repairing or going to the grocery store when I’m out of groceries.  It was necessary and in one session…I felt completely different, like a shift in my whole awareness.  I was afraid to take this step but I would strongly recommend men and women reach out and take this session.  It was money well spent and I have no regrets and no hesitation recommending this to anyone who is looking for the key to unlock one’s full potential in love, relationships, work, family, finances..anything. Mr. Uberoi, you are one gifted person and a hidden gem.”