“Tony came along in my life exactly at a time when I needed some guidance. I was unhappy and becoming bitter, faking being happy to others and even to myself. Tony saw through all this and even knew the traumatic abuse that I endured as a child and the age of the trauma. I didn’t have to tell him about it. He knew. He was able to pinpoint exactly where my blocks were with accuracy. A reading from Tony helped me to realize what my gifts were, what my strengths and weaknesses were and what I needed to change to be happy and successful. I was having extreme headaches over the summer months. These headaches were gone 2 to 3 days after Tony helped me with an emotional makeover. He is honest in a loving way, very compassionate caring and gentle in each step of the emotional makeover. I have regained my confidence. I am moving towards finding out who am and I’m liking who I am. I’m able to make decisions in my life that has so far helped me moved towards fulfillment. Tony brought many blessings to my life. Thank you Tony!”