“I saw Tony for an Emotional Makeover session and it left a big impact! Not only did he hit the nail on the head with many of my personal challenges, but he helped me work through them during our time together. I have had a hard time letting go of my past but, during our meeting, Tony lead me onto a path of renewal, positivity, and a healthy present and future. I actually left completely exhausted and slept extremely well that night because so much weight I had been carrying around was lifted! Thank you, Tony for sharing your gift and helping me see my abilities and gifts clearly.”

- C.P.

“I reached out to Mr. Uberoi on September 7, 2015 at the Kitchener, Ontario Psychic Fair for a reading. I was astounded by the precision of information and the depth of the reading. I did not provide leading information and the effect of the reading lasted for many days following.  Afterwards and for the next several days, I procrastinated about calling to attend a personal “emotional makeover” session.

Finally, I made the call and on September 16, 2015 I had my “Emotional Makeover”. I cannot even begin to describe how profound the session was, how accurate the information given to me and my transformation in one session. It was like the weight of my past and everything holding back my potential was completely lifted from me. I looked in the mirror and I look at least 10 years younger. I feel different. I am different than when I started the session. I had no idea that carrying so much baggage was taking such a toll on my emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

I struggled on booking this session for myself but now have absolutely no regrets.  It is as important as taking my car to the shop when it needs repairing or going to the grocery store when I’m out of groceries.  It was necessary and in one session…I felt completely different, like a shift in my whole awareness.  I was afraid to take this step but I would strongly recommend men and women reach out and take this session.  It was money well spent and I have no regrets and no hesitation recommending this to anyone who is looking for the key to unlock one’s full potential in love, relationships, work, family, finances..anything. Mr. Uberoi, you are one gifted person and a hidden gem.”


“I have had readings with Tony for 4 years. He is my spiritual friend. He gives me hope and inspiration. Always very uplifting. Gives me the big picture of life and guidance. Great reading as usual. Thanks Tony!”

- M.A.

“Incredible reading! I learned so much about myself. Highly recommend you to others. God bless you Tony for your unique gift.”

- N.G.

“Wow! Tony was able to express for me things I knew in my heart but couldn’t put into words. Excellent guidance! Love what you said about my kids.”

- L.R.

“An extremely powerful experience with Tony. The timing could not have been more perfect…at this time in my life I found him. It is with joy that I move into the next chapter of my life!”

- M.F.

“Tony, you are GIFTED! You have opened my eyes and made me realize MANY things about myself and have truly inspired me. I feel like you have healed a wound. You have been soooo accurate! Everything you have said has been a shock yet so real! I am so blessed to have met such a special person like yourself. I truly feel grateful and appreciate all your guidance. I will recommend you to everyone I know! I highly recommend Tony because he is honest, accurate and very intelligent and intuitive. He has a very unique and special Gift. I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders and my reading has reassured many things in my life. You will be seeing me again. Thank you!”

- C.B.

“I have decided to attend the Emotional Makeover session because I was at a point in my life when I needed change and was not able to progress on my own. With Tony’s help I have managed to realize and give myself the permission to be who I was meant to be and to love myself for it. A great and emotional epiphany!”

- R.H.

“Tony came along in my life exactly at a time when I needed some guidance. I was unhappy and becoming bitter, faking being happy to others and even to myself. Tony saw through all this and even knew the traumatic abuse that I endured as a child and the age of the trauma. I didn’t have to tell him about it. He knew. He was able to pinpoint exactly where my blocks were with accuracy. A reading from Tony helped me to realize what my gifts were, what my strengths and weaknesses were and what I needed to change to be happy and successful. I was having extreme headaches over the summer months. These headaches were gone 2 to 3 days after Tony helped me with an emotional makeover. He is honest in a loving way, very compassionate caring and gentle in each step of the emotional makeover. I have regained my confidence. I am moving towards finding out who am and I’m liking who I am. I’m able to make decisions in my life that has so far helped me moved towards fulfillment. Tony brought many blessings to my life. Thank you Tony!”

- M.T.

“A very intense and personal reading – I’ve been drawn to Tony before and signed up IMMEDIATELY today so as not to miss this opportunity. I’m SO GLAD I DID!!! Very intuitive and sincere!”

- J.B.

“Thanks Tony. It’s amazing how you made me think about myself in a deeper way. You were ‘right on’ and I’ll take the information/knowledge you have provided me with and act upon it.”

- M.R.

“Tony’s session was so honest and truly reflected my life and what is happening in it. You have allowed me the opportunity to free myself. I feel wonderful! Highly recommend you my new friend.”

- A.G.

“I have been a client of Tony for almost ten years and have always found his sessions insightful and on point. His calming and gentle nature always puts me at ease. He is a gifted psychic and he always provides timely advice. Tony has guided me through my relationships, career, home purchases (and other major decisions) and even my journey into motherhood.

We all face challenges in life, but I know I can count on Tony to provide insight and guidance through all of it. There have been many times when I struggled and Tony was able to guide me in the right direction. He has helped me to realize so much potential I didn’t know I even had.

As a business owner Tony has been an important and trusted advisor. There was a time when I came to him with a problem in the business. He recommended that I must end a business relationship, which did not seem possible to me at the time. In the end he was right and if I would have listened to him, we could have avoided years of legal trouble. Since then I have followed his guidance and the business has flourished into an international success.

Over the years he has truly become a trusted friend I can count on. He has helped me to let go and heal the emotional pain of my past so I can become my true and authentic self. I have recommended Tony to all of my close friends and family. I am so thankful for Tony and highly recommend anyone to use his services.”

- C.S.

“Another amazing reading. I know now that Tony’s the real thing.”

- N.R.

“Insight and wisdom are the closest words one could find to describe the information that Tony shares. But it goes far beyond that. Imagine that you are sitting with your best friend and then know you will never be judged. That will bring you close to the feeling you will get by sitting with Tony. You can go elsewhere, but if you want the truth you want to meet with Tony.”

- B.M.

“My session with Tony was very inspirational and so true. I can say that I understand myself much better now. Tony was so far the most accurate person who told me about myself and my purpose in life here on earth. God Bless you Tony!”

- C.M.

“Very accurate and I felt really comfortable. Tony made me see what is going on with me and allowed me to let go of my past. I’m very impressed! Thank you!”

- P.T.

“Tony is a friend who knows the song in your heart and sings it to you when your forget. Soul hugs!”

- A.L.

“Thanks Tony! The session has been enlightening as my search for myself begins. I am amazed of the saying ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’. I will give your words thought, meditation and trust.”

- D.S.