What is VAASTU?

The full name of this ancient and sacred wisdom is VAASTU VIDYA. Simply translated, Vaastu means to dwell and Vidya means science. This science guiding us to create a peaceful dwelling is rooted in the age old VEDIC philosophy from India. It is almost 5000 years old! Some people believe that Vaastu is the distant ancestor of Feng Shui the Chinese art of harmonious living. Modern day India has suddenly rediscovered Vaastu. Sceptics have turned believers in the last 30 plus years. This is because the stressful, sometimes chaotic present day life has turned people to Vaastu and has shown immense results. Vaastu has brought calm prosperity and better health in their lives.

Vaastu teaches that a place, in which we reside or work, is the extension of the human body. Disharmony in the work space or residence can negatively affect us physically, mentally, or emotionally. Creating a space which brings calm and an uplifted mood is important for our well being and optimum efficiency. Property owners and builders incorporate Vaastu right from the time they purchase land. Blueprints are drawn with the valuable input of Vaastu consultants. Architects are themselves taking courses in Vaastu to help the needs of their clients. Interior decorators also do the same.

Tony Uberoi is adept in the knowledge of Vaastu and Astrology. He uniquely blends these sciences. Tony’s suggestions are tailor made and simple for the client.

Examples of the suggestions may include:

  1. Location and direction of the premises.
  2. Compatibility of the number in the address of the premises with the owner.
  3. Allowing the unseen forces in nature to work in your favour, by simply changing or adding items of furniture.
  4. Reduction of geopathic stress.
  5. Suggestions regarding fear of entities.
  6. Cleansing energy in homes and work places.

Tony Uberoi will help subtle energies in your space work for positively for you. The mysterious power of universal energy, or chi or prana works wonders for the follower. The immediate effects on calmness, emotional and mental health are felt within days of cleansing and minor changes in the dwelling. Call to book a Vaastu consultation with Tony.

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